Buddhist & Hindu Art & Architecture


The Khmer Empire covered most of Southeast Asia. These photographs cover Cambodia

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"The whole, as seen from the river, might pass for a scene in another planet, so fantastic and unearthly the architecture." - Henry Yule, 1855

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Caves of Ellora, India

"One can only stand in awe of the artists who [carved] concept into architectural and sculptural form with so much creative imagination." - Carmel Berkson

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"In the water there are fish. In the fields there is rice." - King Ram Khamhaeng, Ancient Thailand. 13th century

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Kathmandu: Making a 'kora'

"May the Vajrā of the Heart be realized in this lifetime."

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Chedi of Borobudur

Pilgrimage through Four Buddhist stories toward Enlightenment.

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