For three years – 1995 to 1998 - I maintained a studio in the small town of Nipton, California. Located sixty miles south of Las Vegas, the town was owned by one man. My backyard stretched for perhaps twenty miles, with nothing interrupting my view except for a train track and some power lines between me and the distant horizon. Even though outside of my door I had nearby neighbors, I felt miles from nowhere. Nipton sits on the northern border of the East Mojave Preserve, straddling the border of California and Nevada.


This area of the Mojave Desert is also known as the Lonesome Triangle. Beyond, or perhaps I should say within, this landscape is a diverse population of people, spread far apart from one another, and who are still neighbors in the East Mojave. Some of them have been here for generations, while others but for a short time, waiting for their next destination to be decided upon. My fascination for the near infinite stretches of land in this preserve has been matched by my curiosity and interest in those who have chosen this desert to be their home. Or, in some cases, much like my own, as their own personal place of refuge.

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