The ancient Maya were born from a journey. Travel between worlds is the history of Maya inscriptions and architecture. It is also the theme of the ‘Popul Vuh,’ a story written in the sixteenth century that traces the lives of the Hero Twins. From the underworld, through the Earth and across the heavens, the Hero Twins and other deities journeyed. Shamans, beginning with one called Plumed Serpent, transform themselves enabling them to pass from one world into another and back home again. Within the context of architecture, the journeys are expressed through hieroglyphic inscriptions, ballcourts, cosmological alignments, rituals and the landscape itself.


My own journeys since 2008 have taken me though much of the Maya world, with more to see. While my travels have taken me around the world to destinations and lands with deep and long-lasting traditions, it is on the Yucatan peninsula where I have had some of my most profound experiences. Notable among these are the sleepful nights dominated by vivid and powerful dreams. With each visit to this part of Mexico, the dreaming occurs. As I have described them all in my journals, over several nights they pick up from where they laft off the night before, in the end forming a narrative. The journeys in this Maya world are more than metaphor; they are real.


Field Notes from my journal written in the village of Santa Elena

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